Condom Production Factory Medpack Ukraine LLC

The factory was established in 2010. Due to its highly efficient and reliable logistics system, on-time delivery of goods and services are greatly appreciated by our customers from all around the globe.

High-quality products are guaranteed by our modern equipment and personnel who are trained by the leading enterprises of the sector. We work with top-quality raw materials which use advanced technology and meet the highest standards. Our machinery is produced by leading manufacturers. Today, we are producing condoms made from the classic material hypoallergenic latex, which in comparison to the newcomers polyurethane and polyisoprenes, have earned the confidence of the consumer.


Medpack Swiss Group’s European Headquarters is based in Switzerland, and the factory is located near the main markets in Eastern Europe. This eliminates the cost of container shipping and port customs fees. The batch size depends on the interests of business, not on the interests of optimizing the cost of container logistics via the ocean. An additional order of the next party takes less time, businesses can be planned quickly and there are no reasons to invest extra money in unnecessarily large quantities of products. Investment risks are reduced. Furthermore, due to the absence of barriers such as customs, logistics, language, long order and delivery time, the lapse of time between the business idea and the first sales is reduced to a minimum.

  • Immediate response to market changes
  • Batch size of one pallet
  • Door-to-door delivery
  • Delivery time of up to 10 days
  • Minimal time to shift the factory to the production of new condom trademarks
  • Integrated development of the original brand
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