DOLPHI - condoms, created for maximum pleasure and comfort.

DOLPHI - The merchandise line is represented by condoms that maximally match the anatomical features, as well as giving a very wideFeel the broad variety with DOLPHI, get more pleasure! choice for introduction changes of sensations. All condoms are made of latex with a 7-step purification degree, possessing special properties of thermal conductivity, elasticity and strength.

Competitive positions:

  • High-quality raw materials;
  • Strict quality control at every step of production;
  • 100% electronic control of each product;
  • Outstanding reliability which exceeds the requirements of Ukrainian and international standards by 1.5-2 times;
  • Long shelf life - 5 years (due to individual foil packaging, which retains strength and protective properties of latex);
  • Extensive models line;
  • The unique design of the box, has an original lock that allows you to open the pack with one hand and protects the package from re-opening;
  • Stylish youth design.

Besides the condoms, a vibrating ring and water-based helium lubricants (не знаю как правильно по-английски) are produced under the trademark DOLPHI that fully complement and finalize the collection.

Feel the broad variety with DOLPHI, get more pleasure!